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Mongolian Non Veg

Mongolian Fish

Mongolian Crab

Mongolian Rabbit

Mongolian Country Chicken

Mongolian Octopus

Mongolian Quils

Mongolian Mixed Delight

Mongolian Squid

Mongolian Egg

Mongolian Veg

Bell pepper [Red, Yellow, Green]

Zucchini [Red & Green]

Cherry Tomato


Green peas


Spring Onion

Coriander Leaf

American Corn

Baby Corn

Beas & Onion Rings

Mongolian Sauces

Mangolian Sauce

barbeque Sauce

Honey Sauce

Szechwan Sauce

Mint Coriander Sauce

Mixed Delight Sauce

Corn Casey Sauce


Live Continential

Choice of Pizza [Veg, Non Veg, Mushroom, Olive, Paneer]

Choice of Pasta [Arabita, White Sauce, Pink Sauce]

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05 Flavors of Cold Stone

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